Climate Events Calendar:

Do one thing for the climate today!  It’s brilliant!

Petition for a Nobel Climate Prize here.  See Climate Change Nobel Prize for more information. Make it go viral – share it with those you know around the world!  [Translations available here.] Like it on Facebook; follow it on Twitter @NobelPetition. Do it now; be part of the movement!

One Stop Calendar of Climate Events:   [Click event for more details.]

  • Work with OthersAttend a meeting to connect with an organization whose mission and approach fits you.  See our Groups and Meetings page.
  • Support a Critical Action:  Find urgent or high priority actions taking place, such as a hearing, a march or a rally on the Major Actions calendar.
  • Learn More About Climate IssuesAttend lectures, documentaries, panel discussions and expert presentations to become more informed on the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change, all available on the Climate Talks page.
  • Comment on Agency Action: Influence agency decision making with your oral or written input during public comments periods. Find out what comment periods are open on the Public Comments Calendar.

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