Climate Optimism at Optimism Brewing on June 10, 2019

Inspired by the spirit of Optimism Brewing, this Climate Science on Tap panel discussion focused on reasons for Climate Optimism with the evidence generated in the 2019 WA legislative session, the trend of cities and counties signing on to renewable energy pledges across the country, the way 2020 presidential candidates are calling for action on climate change, and how young people are driving the conversation around this issue.

Video of Climate Optimism recorded at Optimism Brewing on June 10, 2019 filmed and edited by Brady Lawrence.


P. Sean McDonald, PhD, Lecturer/Researcher UW College of the Environment


Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, Chair WA House Environment and Energy Committee
Megan Smith, Director
King Cnty Climate & Energy Initiatives
Greg Rock, Board Policy Chair CarbonWA
Zoya Teirstein, Politics Reporter, Grist