Cascadia Climate Action . . .                                                                                            Providing Tools for Grassroots Activism

The need for a “one-stop-shop” calendar of climate events became clear while beginning to get active on stopping climate change.  We’d hear of events and campaigns through various sources, e.g. meetings, emails, Facebook, websites and mailings, but had nowhere to go to easily find them all.  Also, there was the risk of creating scheduling conflicts between events organized by different groups.

There was no one place to check for what was happening, when something was happening, and where; or to easily pick among the various upcoming events for the one that best fit a person’s interest, values, skills, and community.  To fill this need, Cascadia Climate Action began maintaining a climate events calendar in about 2014, but with the overarching goal of facilitating public engagement in climate action.  From it has grown a website, a newsletter, and events such as the popular Climate Science on Tap series – all accomplished with volunteers, interns, and community collaboration.

The Cascadia Climate Action Team:  

This grassroots volunteer effort has been made possible through the hard work and inspiration of those who as members the CCA Team, whether as interns, volunteers, or staff have encouraged and supported public engagement for addressing climate change with the urgency it warrants! CCA couldn’t have made the substantial impact it has without all the individual efforts, whether short term, episodic, or with longtime support!  

Founder | Director:

Mary Manous   –  Team Coordination | Strategy | Technology | Climate Science on Tap & Outreach Events

MaryMary, a lifelong advocate for protecting the planet’s ecosystems from the impacts of Homo Sapiens, enjoys conversations with clear thinkers, making connections, supporting aspiring musicians and artists, and music, trails, and friends.  Her background is in environmental law and policy, criminal investigations, and public administration.  Enjoying learning and acquiring diplomas she has JD, LLM, and MPA degrees from the University of Washington.  

Core Team: 

Lily Stanton  – Outreach | Calendar | Online Support

Lily, graduated from the University of Washington Class of 2019. She has interned and volunteered with nonprofit organizations such as CCA with an interest in contributing to raising awareness about and community engagement through science-based policy and outreach. 

Deborah Hodgson – Calendar Fiscal |  Outreach Support

Deb is a recent graduate in Sustainability who seeks a career in the triple bottom line and to support the work of Cascadia Climate Action of increasing community engagement for effective clean energy and climate policy.  

Recent Interns:   

Gabriella Chilczuk  – Planning |  Event Support | Social Media

Gabriella was a part of the University of Washington Program on the Environment Capstone Program 2018-2019 as part of which she interned with Cascadia Climate Action Winter Quarter 2019.

Eden Cypher  – Planning |  Event Support | Social Media

Eden was a part of the University of Washington Program on the Environment Capstone Program 2018-2019 as part of which she interned with Cascadia Climate Action Winter Quarter 2019.

Jon Akira Doyle  – Planning |  Event Support | Social Media

Jon is a part of the University of Washington Program on the Environment Capstone Program 2018-2019 as part of which he interned with Cascadia Climate Action Winter Quarter 2019.

Pooja Kumar  – Planning |  Event Support | Social Media

Pooja was a part of the University of Washington College of the Environment Capstone Program 2018-2019 as part of which she  collaborated with Cascadia Climate Action Winter Quarter 2019.

Emeritus Team Members: 

The following wonderful folks have been instrumental in the launching and Cascadia Climate Action with inspiration, advice, support and good company.  They all generally continue to be available in a pinch for support, advice and good friendship! Thanks!

Helene Costa  – Petition for a Nobel Prize for Action on Climate Change

Helene Costa and her husband Raoul began the petition for a Climate Nobel Prize for work fighting climate change.  The Petition can be found here and more information on their website and the Facebook page, where there are translations, also.  Helene currently is continuing her climate action work back home in France.

Paula & Brian King  –  Event Planning | Outreach Coordination


Brian and Paula believe that the best way for them to contribute to the fight against Global Warming is to spread knowledge as widely as possible about how it occurs and what are its consequences.  They founded the 350 Seattle’s Speakers Bureau and now also facilitate outreach presentations focused on carbon-free energy, particularly nuclear power through their group, Seattle Friends of Fission. Brian is the author of So Long,
Vietnam, a positive antiwar novel about GIs in Vietnam.

Isa Werny  –  Calendar Support

image001Isa has been working on environmental issues during the last few years.  This interest was sparked by the news of a large coal terminal to be built near her second home in Ferndale, WA. The fight against the coal port led to the realization that we must stop climate disruption now. Professionally Isa has been working as a medical researcher at the University of Washington for many years.

Ericka Berg  –   Communications | Outreach Support

ErickaEricka began contributing her passion and skills to CCA in mid-2015 after joining a public Kayaktivist protest in Seattle’s Elliott Bay against Shell’s Arctic Drilling equipment that was in the process of leaving Seattle to be taken north to Alaska.  This Kayaktivism became emblematic of grassroots engagement on global warming.  Ericka applies her considerable skills at community outreach along with a keen eye for editing and design to facilitate CCA’s public events as well as online and written outreach materials.

Doug Indrick   –  Web Technology Development Support

148371_1469885351485_4021781_n_crop-150x150Originally from upstate NY, Doug Indrick moved to the Seattle area in December 2013. Since arriving, Doug has helped launch a new student debt cooperative (Salish Sea Cooperative Finance), and has been expressing environmental activism through music as part of the group “Animals of Grace.”  As part of CCA, Doug has employed his graphic design and web development skills to that he gained during his 2.5 years working in the solar industry, which he now puts to use at a regional climate-focused nonprofit organization.

Terri Walsh  –   Organizational Strategy  |  Editing & Design

As Director of Research and Evaluation at California Family Health Council, Terri directs clinical trials aimed at increasing contraceptive options for women and men.  She also advises on evaluation projects which use data analytics to drive improvements in health care delivery.  Terri has a lifelong interest in local and national policy express by her service on community boards and commissions as well as campaigns of progressive candidates.  Her current passion is building strategies to make collective activism more effective.

Weldon DeBusk  –   Photography | Event Support | Editing

AlongsideIMG_8527 a lifetime interest in biology and science, Weldon studied cellular and molecular biology at the University of Utah before moving to Seattle for its natural beauty and progressive culture.  His creative passion has led him into digital photography, animated graphics, website development and audio production (UmbralGlow).  He contributes photography and online advice to the work of Cascadia Climate Action.

Bruce Wolcott  –  Calendar Curation | Website Consultant

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.20.19 PMBruce has been a progressive activist throughout his life and became involved in climate activism through the Seattle Environmental Activists.  He joined the CCA Team to contribute his professional skills in website design and experience in event calendar curation.  He teaches at Bellevue College, including classes in topics such as Web Multimedia Foundations, Technology of Persuasion, Game Theory, and Digital Design and Storytelling.  From 2010-2012, he taught a hybrid online course called the Fundamentals of Interactive Entertainment for the Human Interface Technology Lab at University of Tasmania.

Allie Bull  – Outreach | Calendar | Online Support

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 2.24.43 PMAllie, in the University of Washington Class of 2017 majored in Community, Environment & Planning with a minor in Environmental Studies. She is interested in promoting awareness of environmental issues throughout the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, she is interested in utilizing website design and development in that approach.

Gloria Piekarczyk  – Calendar Planning |  Event Support

Gloria is a part of the University of Washington Class of 2018 and she has majored in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Law, Societies & Justice, and Environmental Science Resource Management. She wants to help promote environmental advocacy and increase knowledge of environmental issues. She is hoping to go to law school and fight for the environment.

Liepa Braciulyte  – Planning | Event Support

Liepa is passionate about reducing waste, driving less, eating plants, voting, and any other action that reduces our carbon footprint.  You can usually find her at the very front row at the Climate Science on Tap events.

Natalia Roberts Buceta  – Outreach | Event Support

Natalia hopes to share her passion for environmental activism and social justice with others. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outside, hiking and learning about animals.


Anna Ellermeier  – Action Outreach Planning |  Event Support

Anna is a Seattle native and loves the outdoors.  She’s passionate about protecting the environment and encouraging others to join her.


Special Thanks to . . .

 Scientists and Experts – All of our public outreach events relied upon the willingness of an incredible number of scientists, policy experts, and others to contribute their spare time to sharing their expertise with the public for the Climate Science on Tap series, but particularly P. Sean McDonald, PhD, who as collaborator and emcee for the CSoT series ensured their success and popularity at local Seattle breweries for several years, even extending beyond the onset of the  COVID19 pandemic with online events.  However, there’s nothing like the live CSoTap brew pub events where camaraderie is shared over beer and conversation while having fun learning about the challenges of climate change and coming together to take action for the solutions. Together we can do it!

Advocates and Activists – Individually and collectively, these individuals brainstormed, pitched in, and contributed financial and moral support for the CCA vision.  You know who you are!  Thanks so much!!! 

Are You Interested?

We are always interested in hearing from concerned and motivated individuals who want to help get more people to become engaged with climate action.  If you are interested, send a statement of interest and resume to us at Admin@CascadiaClimateAction.org

 Get informed  –  Get involved   –   Make a difference!  

Do One Thing for the Climate!