3 Ways you can get Politically Involved in Climate Issues

Welcome to Cascadia Climate Action’s weekly intern blog! If you’re just joining us, please take a moment to check out Eden’s post (here) on her letter to her representative urging her to support the Transit Zoning Bill, SB-50, in her home state of California.

In this week’s CCA intern blog, we’re going to briefly review key ways you can get politically involved on climate issues.

1. Join the Community

With the often sensationalist news covering a disastrously divisive time in American politics, it’s all too easy to become jaded. If left unaddressed, this can cause or contribute to anxiety, depression, and isolation. Fortunately, many may discover an antidote through joining a sympathetic community.

There are innumerable benefits to being a part of a community: inspiration, motivation, support, and celebration are just some to name a few. Luckily enough, being a part of an environmentally-focused community comes with all the same benefits!

You may already have found friends and community at our informative and fun Climate Science on Tap events (here), and if not, we hope you’ll join us, soon.  There are many great environmental groups out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one you like.  We’ve listed a few involved in climate changes issues below:

  1. Seattle350
  2. Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  3. Sierra Club Washington
  4. Seattle Green Drinks

2. Follow the Calendar

With all the different groups and communities out there working to make a difference in, around and for the environment, it’s easy to get lost in all the events, campaigns, programs, and projects on top of everything else. However, staying aware of each and everyone has never been easier with CCA’s continuously updated calendar of events (here)! We post events happening all over the Puget Sound region and beyond from workgroup meetings and hearings,  to talks and film festivals. There’s something for everyone! Check it out!
Take action.

3. Take Action

Reversing climate change while remaining within the other 8 planetary boundaries can be expected to require a change from all of us, in every aspect of our lives. Tackling climate change is not as simple as swapping out our light bulbs or buying an electric car. Unfortunately, solving climate change is much more complicated than that. We have to have a portfolio of solutions as a society through clean energy bills, fully-funded regulators, and local, transnational, and international agreements on planetary conservation and protection. And we have to have a willingness and humility as individuals to embrace change in every big and little way.

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