Climate Podcast Recommendations

With podcasts gaining more and more popularity, there is now a great variety of podcasts that address the topic of climate change and science! This medium of information is easily digestible and can keep people updated on relevant climate news and topics. Cascadia Climate Action’s founder is an avid listener and has recommended the following podcasts. We, also, welcome your podcast suggestions and let us know if you’re interested in leading a discussion on podcast or its topic at

Mother Jones- Now is the Time to Freak Out

This Mother Jones Podcast hosts David Wallace-Wells, deputy editor of the New York Magazine and author of the book The Uninhabitable Earth. In his interview, Wallace Wells talks about his belief that scientists have been too timid in their approach to releasing detrimental climate information and how he has been branded as an “alarmist.” [29 minutes]

You can find the podcast on all listening platforms, or here. You can also check out the website for more articles and podcasts.

KRWC- Fighting Climate Change at the Local Level

This episode from Vox’s the Weeds with Ezra Klein, David Roberts joins Ezra and Jane to explain the policy and politics of the Green New Deal. Plus: Which candidate has the better climate plan, Beto O’Rourke or Jay Inslee?

You can find the book and podcast on the website, or check it out on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast listening sites.

KRWC- The ‘Smoking Gun’ of Climate Change in the Arctic

New studies from the University of Alaska and Geologic Survey of Denmark and Greenland have shown that “changes in the Arctic do not stay in the Arctic,” meaning that plants and animals all over the globe are negatively impacted by climate change. [19 minutes]

You can find this interview on the KRWC website here, or check it out on Apple, Spotify, or other podcast listening platforms.

Nori- Reversing Climate Change with Andrea Rogers

Head attorney of the Juliana v. United States case explains why the youth of America suing the government for their futures is a legitimate cause. On this podcast by Nori, Fighting US Energy Policy with the Youth Climate Lawsuit,   Andrea Rogers explains how this case can lead to the decarbonization of the U.S. and the status of the case. We have been lucky enough to have Andrea at our previous event, which you can check out here, or you can listen to the full podcast on Apple or on Nori’s website.

TED Talks Daily- How to Transform Apocalypse Fatigue to Action on Global Warming

On this episode of TED Talks Daily, economist and psychologist Per Espen Stoknes discusses how the biggest obstacle we face on dealing with climate change is how likely we are to accept the messages we are being told. Per Espen Stoknes these five barriers and how we can get passed them in this podcast. You can check them out on the TED Talks website or on Apple.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby- Plastic Pollution and Heavy Metal

Ecologist Nicole Chatterson of the University of Hawaii and Dominic Scicchitano of Bucknell University are featured on this podcast from Citizen’s Climate Lobby about plastics. The discuss how they’ve seen plastic impact their local environments and its connection to the larger scale of pollution. Listen to how we can stray away from single-use plastics and other podcasts on Citizen Climate Lobby’s website.