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Cascadia Climate Action . . .                                                                           Providing Tools for the Grassroots Activist

Our website provides tools to help climate activists find the action opportunities that work best for them – what to do, when to do it, and where!  Our event calendar can help anyone find something to join with others to protect the planet for a livable future.  Working with all segments of the Climate Community, we are eliminating hurdles that can hinder concerned people from taking critical action now . . . before it’s too late.

You can…

  • Find a forum to hear how coal trains impact your community
  • Join a demonstration to capture public and political attention on getting money out of politics
  • Submit oral or written comments at a regulatory hearing that could result in reducing fossil fuel emissions
  • Write compelling letters to representatives or newspapers on climate issues you care most about

No need to waste your time…

  • Hunting through webpages to find the exact time and location of the planning meeting that you wanted to join,
  • Trying to determine what upcoming event on a proposed fossil fuel export terminal would be most effective for you,
  • Searching emails for that notice that you know you got about an march to protest being left out of important decisions affecting the severity of climate change.
  • Missing a critical comment period deadline because you couldn’t find the address where they needed to be sent.

The Calendar 

At the core of the Cascadia Climate Action‘s tool kit is a comprehensive calendar listing of climate events throughout the region.  An alternative to swarms of emails and notices, the Cascadia Climate Action calendar gathers upcoming climate events and actions in one place.  No matter what your favorite organization or issue, you find something that fits your schedule and piques your interest!

A Tracking Tool to Watch Action Build

With this  Tool for Tracking Climate Action from OurVolts,  you can see your efforts build up, along with those of others in the Cascadia Community.  [There is a Mobile App version, also!]


Individuals, Families, Neighbors and Friends:  Find an action or activity to invest your time! Go alone or grab a friend!   The choices are broad with something for everyone:

  • Attend a rally, hearing, or march to show your concern,
  • Speak at a hearing or submit written comments on a proposed rule,
  • Get informed at a presentation, forum, or a documentary,
  • Write letters to the editor or to your national, state or local representatives,
  • Attend a strategy session or organizational meeting to contribute your ideas and learn about on the ground opportunities to get involved.
  • Find a meeting and join in; network and build community around an issue.

If you know of an event that should be on the calendar or have any questions, please email: admin@cascadiaclimatecommunity.org.

Organizations and Groups:  If you represent an organization, church, or other group, this calendar listing of climate events will help you to:

  • Avoid conflicts when scheduling your events.
  • Find upcoming events on which your members can collaborate.
  • Share these opportunities for climate action with your members through your website and newsletters.
  • Submit events and ideas to admin@cascadiaclimatecommunity.org

Whether you are an individual or a group seeking to take action on the climate crisis, you can use the tools to help plan and track your climate action.  We encourage you to… become informed, get involved, and start making a difference!  


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