How to use this Calendar

How to change the Calendar’s appearance:

Click on the “VIEW AS” button at the top right of the calendar to switch the appearance from a list of events (the default view), a monthly, weekly and daily view, and, finally, a Google Maps view.  Try them all to see which one you prefer!

How to search for events:

To see what events fall on a specific date or month, click on the “DATE” field on the left-most side of the box at the top of the calendar.

If you want to search for events by keyword, type what you are looking for into the “SEARCH” field.

You can even see what events are located near you by entering your town or zip code into the “LOCATION” field.

What happens when you click on an event’s title:

Once you click on the title of an event, you’ll be brought to a page that gives you more information.  Usually this page will contain a website for the event, the contact information of the event’s organizer, a view of the event on Google Maps and an in-depth description.

View events by category:

You can view all of the events in a specific category by Clicking Here or by going to the “Calendar” menu item at the top of the page and clicking on “Events by Category” once the drop-down menu appears.

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