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Current Openings:

We currently have internship openings for individuals seeking to work with a start-up organization to provide core services, broaden its scope and reach out to more partners and activists.  The positions can be designed around a variety of components, depending upon the individual’s background, interests, and skills.  Following are examples of what work and experience might be available.

Organizational Development:  Providing assistance and advice on the development of a sustainable organization to support the climate event aggregation and other ancillary services that support more effective climate action at the grassroots level.  Establishing strategies for raising awareness of use of the services by individuals and organizations with affiliated missions.  Designing outreach materials and providing presentations around climate action events to spread awareness and make connections throughout the community.

 Computer and Technical Support:  Provide hands on and technical support for the WordPress website, its design and content, and MailChimp weekly updates of climate action events, as well as the underlying and integral calendars that aggregate all climate actions and events over an increasingly broad geographical area.   Experience with WorkPress and MailChimp platforms as well as training and aptitude with programming would be highly desirable.

Online Calendar Maintenance and Development: The underlying calendar platform that supports the aggregating of climate events has yet to be ideally suited to its purpose.  While a Google calendar system has been used consistently, there has been an ongoing search for a better platform that allows for greater user functionality and search-ability, particularly by geographical location, type and topic of event.  There is a current initiative supported by a college practicum course to design a calendar that would move toward having more of these features.  An individual interested in focusing on this search for and design of the better or, even ideal, calendar design would be the liaison with the practicum students and at the same time, continue researching other existing alternative calendar platforms.

Administrative and clerical support:  Provide support for posting of climate events and actions into the calendar and checking for clarity and accuracy.  Ability to edit and summarize succinctly, as well as accuracy of input is important.  Opportunities to connect with a variety of climate organizations and community groups, to learn about grassroots organizational processes, and to network.  Maintaining a comprehensive calendar of climate events is central to the mission of supporting individuals in taking climate action.  A good position to initiate involvement with climate action individually and as part of the community of activists and organizations.

Social Media Support:  Use Facebook and Twitter to increase the visibility and use of Cascadia Climate Action services and to highlight events and initiatives that are either upcoming or have just occurred.  Facilitate increased attendance at events sponsored by a wide variety of organizations.  Use blogs such as the Daily Kos to raise awareness of climate events and issues with progressive groups that may not yet be engaged.

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