Organizations for a Sustainable, Healthy Future

By Mary Cappelletti

Seattle is an amazing city with a deep respect for the environment and a population of people driven to preserve and protect. These values were one of the biggest reasons I moved here three years ago, and the city has never disappointed on that front. I am constantly amazed by the amount of people that not only care about the natural world, but that strive to prioritize it in their day to day lives. One of the ways this presents itself is in the multitude of organizations here. There are groups that do everything from protecting salmon to educating the next generation to promoting environmental justice. Cascadia Climate Action is, of course, a climate action organization, however every organization is fighting for a different piece of the puzzle that holds importance. CCA has a history of working with other organizations in the area, and greatly values the relationships we’ve built through collaborations and publicizing events. Each organization holds unique opportunities to get involved in helping mitigate climate change and protect the environment. Here is a little information on some of these organizations. 

1. Spark Northwest, or what used to be known as Northwest SEED, aims to expand clean energy in the region that is both affordable and locally controlled. Their goal is to have the Pacific Northwest run 100% on clean energy, while increasing access for 

middle and lower income families and reducing the cost of renewable energy technologies. Their programs currently promote solar energy, wind energy, rural renewables, and energy conservation and efficiency. By conducting these programs locally and sourcing the energies locally they hope that communities will become increasingly more strong and durable. Overall they aim to reduce the use of high-carbon fuels and engage the community through their leadership in energy projects, outreach and education, and advocacy for policy change. To attend an event and get involved with Spark Northwest, click here to visit their calendar.

2. Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is a group founded in 1984 that is composed of both staff and volunteers that work to protect the waterways of the Puget Sound through first hand monitoring of the waters. Furthermore, the organization frequently engages 

with government agencies and businesses, and has taken on 170 cases with a near 100% success rate. Most of these settlements result in the implementation of systems that do less damage on the waterways through greater control of stormwater and wastewater treatment. The organization does not accept settlement money, but instead redirects it to third parties also invested in improving the Sound. Overall Soundkeeper does its best to enforce the Clean Water Act of 1972 and keep the Sound and its tributaries as clean as possible. To attend an event and get involved with Soundkeeper Alliance, click here to visit their calendar.

3. Islandwood is a learning center located on a 250 acre campus on Bainbridge Island. The center works to integrate education with the natural environment by immersing students in engaging, nature-based teaching styles and experiences. However, their goal is to do more 

than simply educate their students. They hope their work extends to help create a sustainable future that contains ecological wellbeing for all and greater environmental health. Islandwood also engages with students in Seattle and at its King County Brightwater Center through helping to develop a science curriculum for public schools, providing teacher training, producing their Nature Passport app, and presenting two Master’s level graduate programs. Ultimately, the center aims to educate the youth, and also the community, in a holistic way that fosters respect for the environment through nature-based learning and encourages a sustainable future. To attend an event and get involved with Islandwood, click here to visit their calendar. 

4. Tilth is the merging of Seattle Tilth, Tilth Producers, and Cascade Harvest Coalition into one alliance that promotes foods that are both nutritious and sustainable. They state that their mission is for “everyone to eat well everyday.” The alliance is targeting the way that 

food is grown, distributed, and eaten in the region to make it healthier for both the environment and people. Through both outdoor and indoor teaching strategies they are educating the community on better ways to produce and prepare foods. Their goal is to shift food culture in the region to prioritize food that is sustainable and beneficial for the planet, but also healthy and appetizing for those that consume it. To attend an event and get involved, click here to visit their calendar. 

Seattle is home to many other wonderful organizations that the CCA team would love to learn more about. Cascadia Climate Action is always looking to add more organizations’ events to the calendar and get involved with new partnerships. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have an organization featured on a future post, in our calendar, or simply open a line of communication. Thanks for reading!