Schooner Series No. 2: The Scales of Climate Change

As an issue that spans multiple scales and dimensions, climate change impacts our lives and the lives of others in small and large ways. In this Schooner Series event, we take a look at the time and space scales spanned by human-induced climate change; the scales of the costs associated with a changing climate; and the scales of action we can take, ranging from individual up to global levels.

Panelists: UW Graduate Students
       – Judy Twedt, Atmospheric Sciences.
       – Lucas Zeppetello, Atmospheric Sciences
       – Pegah Jalali, Environmental and Forestry Sciences

Supplemental Materials from the presenters:

Judy Twedt has a website where she posts the music she has created with climate data. Check it out here and be amazed!

Pegah Jalali included a video related to pricing carbon that can be accessed with audio below:

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