Seattle 2021 Mayoral Candidates in Conversation on Climate Policy to Reach 2030 Goals

Conversations with Mayoral Candidates: Reaching Seattle’s 2030 Climate Goals,

Primary candidates for Seattle mayor join short one-on-one conversations with the moderator to provide their perspectives on Seattle’s 2030 climate goals. Seattle voters can watch each individually or as a whole to get to know their understanding of and preferred strategies for meeting the 2030 climate goals.

Primary ballots are due by August 3, 2021.

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Left to right: Colleen Echohawk, Andrew Grant Houston, Lorena Gonzalez, Lance Randall, Bruce Harrell, Jessyn Farrell.
Get more information about these six primary candidates for Seattle mayor by clicking here.
  • Colleeen Echohawk
  • Andrew Grant Houston
  • Lorena Gonzalez
  • Lance Randall
  • Jessyn Farrell
  • Bruce Harrell
  • Moderator: P. Sean McDonald, Ph.D.